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Trusted and Transparent

Our solutions are backed by strong data security, transparency and business ethics and our Government and industry relationships will support you to make good decisions for your business.

Dashboards and Reports

We make monitoring your livestock easy with customised dashboards and filterable reports. Closing out LNC’s or demonstrating corrective actions in supply chains or facilities has never been easier.

Real People

The overreliance on automation in fragmented and dynamic markets leads to high system maintenance costs and regular gaps in information. While we are still supported by the best technology, we believe that people and relationships are the best way to accurately record data and improve compliance practices.

Non-compliance Resolution

Our staff will help you close out non compliances with corrective actions, training, or investigations. All reported on the platform itself to improve transparency and track in-market activities.

Why DataStock

DataStock is a platform designed for Australian cattle.


The export of Australian livestock is one of the most regulated industries the world. And live export companies spend large amounts of time and money meeting ESCAS requirements for good animal welfare outcomes.


We are achieving this by offering a complete ESCAS compliance solution. We consider it a privilege not a right to manage data on behalf of stakeholders, especially the traceability, movement control and outcome of their cattle.


Our focus is to make business easier through simple frictionless compliance. We do not need to be seen, just support the industry succeed. We offer services such as auditor coordination, staff training, monitoring supply chains with real people underpinned with technology, improved data accuracy, and non-compliance resolution.


We believe in compliance through relationships. While we have technology including CCTV in all facilities, but we believe practical implementation of ESCAS requires physical presence across the supply chain. We have staff throughout the supply chain monitoring ESCAS, recording, and more importantly making changes and improvements in real time.

Meet our Company

For Exporters this saves time, money and sanity.

For Importers and facilities it reduces tension with the exporters and duplication.

For the Australian Government it creates standard reports and improved trust in the industry.

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