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Our System
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AWO Vu Quang Tuong - Phu Lam feedlot

Our mission statement

Frictionless compliance with ESCAS requirements by seamlessly combining data, technology, and personal relationships.

DataStock control room

Meeting Business Ethics

Developing fragmented markets present challenges to business ethics due to widespread corruption and a less transparent trading environment. DataStock takes their position within the integrity system seriously and will not engage in corrupt practices. DataStock will not compromise the integrity of the wider industry for short term gains or external objectives.


Frictionless Compliance

Great animal welfare compliance should be able to come without effort and just be an element of the trade, not an aspiration. DataStock aims to remove the stress and complexity of animal welfare compliance so exporters can get on with business and the confidence that their livestock are being looked after.

CCTV camera at facilities

The Role of Technology

Technology is important and data is the future. DataStock works closely with clients to understand their reporting needs and where automation can add value, not cost. CCTV is used to ensure any data can be verified. There has been a significant investment in cyber security and data security to protect commercially sensitive information. Sending sensitive data from rural enterprises offshore is illegal in most countries trading Australian livestock.


Importance of People

Automated monitoring systems and remote technologies are costly and needed when trust and relationships doesn’t exist. DataStock spends money on developing relationships with all stakeholders in the supply chain. Everyone gets the reports that they need and issues addressed immediately. Abattoirs get the support that they need to comply, not just enforcement of a regulation from overseas.


Local Knowledge

DataStock operate locally. We have invested heavily in local staff who understand the needs of the market and how to respectfully talk to customers and users of the system. We pay our staff well and on time. We also have support from Australian industry experts to ensure that the system is meeting Australian industry and Government needs and expectations. We are developing strong positive relationships with the Vietnamese and Australian Government which will reduce the exposure of users.